Happy Hour


Happy Hour

Local * Inspired * Seasonal               

Served Daily 2 - 6 p.m.  in the bar & on the patio.

Menu subject to change.  Below is a sample of bar food, drinks, and prices.


The Food

Buffalo Wings    3 for 6
Salt & Pepper Wings   3 for 6 
Polenta Fries.  Chipotle lime aioli   5
House Made Potato Chips    3
Chef's Choice Taco   7 (Ask your server)
Grilled Cheese Sandwich   7
Caesar Salad    5
House-Marinated Olives   4
Happy Burger*    7
House Made Chex Mix   3
Sweet & Spicy Hazelnuts   4

*Consuming undercooked food/meats may increase the risk of foodborne illness.

The Beverages

$4 Select Draft Microbrews  (non-nitro)  
$2 off All Wine Glass Pours   
$5 House Red & White Happy Hour Pours    

Drinks   $7 
Lemon Drop  
Orange Sun
Lemon Martini
All Well Pours 
Sweet & Spicy
Vodka or Gin Martini
Ginger Pear Martini 
Pineapple Martini 
Vodka or Gin Martini 
Cape Cod
Salty Dog
Grey Hound
Grapefruit Sparkler 
French 75
Local Whiskeys
Keeping it close to home
2 Bars Bourbon   10
Dry Fly Washington Wheat   10
Dry Fly Cask Strength Wheat   15
Heritage BSB Brown Sugar   10
Oola Waitsburg   10
Oola Smoked   12
Oola Three Shores Scotch   15
Woodinville Flagship Bourbon   10
Fremont Dark Northern Rye   11
Fremont Mischief Rye   10
Woodinville Rye   10
Happy Hour Rules
-Happy Hour not valid with any other offers
-No To-Go Orders. Take home boxes cost .50 each
-Multiple cards per check accepted
-Must purchase a beverage with HH food order
-Please, No substitutions